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  • What are the benefits of IV hydration?
    IV hydration gives your immune system a boost, flushes toxins from the system, increases your body's hydration efficiency, replenishes the body, and reduces recovery time.
  • Who can benefit from IV hydration?
    Everyone can benefit from IV hydration. The average adult in America suffers from chronic dehydration and with the assistance of IV hydration we can help individuals feel their best again.
  • Is IV hydration painful?
    IV hydration is not painful. It is very similar to receiving a small pinch which will only last a few seconds.
  • How often can I receive IV hydration?
    It is safe for the average healthy person to receive IV hydration every 2-3 weeks provided you have no serious underlying health issues.
  • How long does it take to receive IV fluids?
    Depending on the infusion of choice, IV hydration can take an average of 30-60 minutes.
  • Who will be administering my IV fluids?
    A highly skilled RN will be administering your IV fluids.
  • Can IV hydration be a substitute for an emergency room visit or a visit to my primary care physician?
    No, do not substitute a visit to the emergency room or your primary care physician with IV hydration. If you are feeling severely ill or severely dehydrated, Hydro Prime LLC will not be able to serve you.
  • Is IV hydration the same as drinking 8 glasses of water?
    No it is not the same, it's better! You receive much more hydration and also, you will retain 100% absorption of vitamins and minerals.
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